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Katherine Ognyanova

Katherine Ognyanova (a.k.a Katya) is a postdoctoral research fellow in computational social science at the Lazer Lab, based in Boston. Katya received her Ph.D. from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California. She does research in the areas of network theory and methodology, social use of technology, mass communication and media effects, civic engagement and political participation, Internet censorship, privacy and digital policy-making. Her spare time is split between visits to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and visits to the xkcd website.

Prior to joining a doctoral program, Katya got a degree in Computer Science, worked in print and online media, did policy research & data analysis for various government and NGO projects.

Check out Katherine’s bio, her academic work or her infrequently updated blog. Take a look at a few of the research groups she has worked with: the Annenberg Networks Network, Metamorphosis and the Center for the Digital Future. If you are so inclined, follow Katya on Twitter or Academia.edu.

Image Networks Gephi R Feat

Facebook data collection and photo network visualization with Gephi and R

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Topics in Mainstream Media:
A Dynamic Network Visualization

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Political Efficacy on the Internet: A Media System Dependency Approach

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