For the last decade or so, I have received my regular dose of new academic content from journal RSS feeds. In recent years, social media*, listservs, and thoughtful friend e-mails have helped me discover many great articles. Also recently (much to my dismay!) some publishers** have decided to discontinue their RSS. Still, to this day most of my new research finds come from my RSS feeds. I use Feedly – they have a reasonably clean web interface, and a decent Android app. As I recently had to fix a few dead SAGE feeds, I thought I’d share my currently up-to-date journal collection*** here for your convenience and enjoyment.

The topics I read about include: communicationpolitical sciencemedia and journalismresearch methods, data sciencecomputational social sciencenetwork science.

Thank you, academic Twitter!
** Boo, Cambridge University Press – do I really need to run your e-mail alerts  through IFTTT to RSS, just so I can have my Network Science and APSR?
*** If you’re really nice to me, I might consider sharing my “R & Data Science”  and  “Data Visualization” collections too, after spring cleaning.